Tattoo Care

Your guide before and after your tattoo session.


Before Your Tattoo Session


Rest well the day before your tattoo appointment.


On the day of your appointment, do not take any blood thinners (e.g., Aspirin) and do not drink alcohol 24 hours before the session.


Please have some nutritious and balanced breakfast / lunch before coming to the studio!


For the perfect tattoo base, please moisturize the skin around the desired placement the days before your appointment.


If possible, try not to irritate your skin around the desired area, so avoid using new skin products on the days leading up to your session.


Your session can always take longer than expected, so please make sure to bring enough time for having a stress-free tattoo experience!


After Your Tattoo Session


If you get the second skin, you can take it off after 24 hours (do not leave it on for longer than 48 hours!) and gently wash your tattoo with clean hands, using lukewarm water and a pH- neutral soap.


If you get the normal plastic wrap instead, you can take it off after 2 to 4 hours and gently wash your tattoo with clean hands, using lukewarm water and a pH-neutral soap.


After cleaning your tattoo, put a very thin layer of tattoo cream on the affected skin. You should moisturize your fresh tattoo 2 to 3 times a day, until it’s fully healed.


It’s recommended to wear loose clothing in order to prevent rubbing the tattoo with the fabric – and tattoos also heal better with some air!


You shouldn’t drink alcohol the first 24 hours after your tattoo appointment.


The first 3 to 4 weeks, please avoid direct sunlight / sunbathing, swimming / bathtub and intense sweating, so that the tattoo can heal well, and the ink will stay in place.


Have Questions?

A lot of customers are contacting us lately, because they heard that colored ink was recently forbidden by law in Germany.

A few months ago, the EU released a „Reach-Regulation”, that forbid the usage of certain chemical ingredients, which were found in color tattoo inks.

There are new color tattoo inks available, which aren’t including the forbidden chemicals at all. So getting a colored tattoo is still possible and not forbidden by law! Feel free to send us an E-Mail or message via our contact form if you have any more questions!

All of our ink is vegan and are within the EU regulations! Our artists always take extra care when choosing their products and equipment

You can communicate with us in English, German and Korean. There is also always someone who can step in as a translator if necessary.
Simple answer:yes, definitely, our artists love to turn your vision into your tattoo!

For a consultation with one of our artists, the best way is always to send a request and make an appointment, this way the artist has enough time and is already prepared for your tattoo idea. Spontaneous visitors can often not be seen by the artist since they are usually tattooing their scheduled customers!

In general, it is no problem to tattoo on sensitive skin. If you have specific allergies or skin conditions that could affect the healing process of the tattoo, we would always recommend to talk to your dermatologist first!
Yes, gift vouchers of any amount can be purchased in our studio.
Yes, cover up’s are definitely possible in our studio, but of course, it’s always depending on individual factors like the old tattoo, the skin condition and the imagination for the new tattoo.
With covering scars, it’s similar to cover up’s…in general, it’s possible to tattoo on top of scars, but it depends on the condition of the skin as well as on the design idea, if we would recommend a cover up or not.
You can send us a request anytime (always helpful if you can attach reference images on style and/or design), and then we can talk about your design idea more in detail via email or schedule an in-person consultation appointment.


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